Top 10 Reasons To Use Cable for Internet

Are you currently researching whether to use cable internet? To find out if you can get high-speed cable internet in your area, just click on one of the providers in the menu at the top of the page. Here are our top ten most important reasons to use high-speed cable Internet.

1. Reason number one to use high-speed cable Internet:

The upload and download speeds of cable Internet are so much faster than other Internet options. For example, DSL is slow by comparison.  Maximum Internet DSL speed can be as high as 100 megabits per second, but this is very, very rare. The average is generally around 3 to 7 Mbps for DSL. By contrast, high-speed cable Internet can reach speeds of up to 1000 Mbps (1 gigabit per second) in some areas.

2. The second reason to go for high-speed cable Internet is this:

Have you ever been in the middle of watching a movie, or checking email, or trying to send photos to someone, and the Internet is just being so S-L-O-W? How did that feel? We're right there with you, and that’s why we love using cable Internet ourselves.

3. An important reason for a business to use cable for Internet is reputation:

Customers expect a fast response when they reach out to you. They won’t wait hours while you create a proposal or gather together the information they’ve requested. Access to speedy Internet is of the essence when dealing with hot prospects. Choosing cable for Internet can mean the difference between closing a new deal or losing a customer forever. Ouch!

4. High-speed cable Internet can help maximize productivity:

If time is money, productivity is gold. If you’re a business owner you already know that maximized productivity is essential to stay ahead of the competition. Even if you’re a one-person show right now, Your internet speed needs to be smoking fast during peak productivity hours.  When you’re inspired and ready to work there’s nothing more annoying than having to quit and come back later. Time lost can never be regained.

5. Reason number five to use cable for your Internet service:

Things change. Needs evolve. Families grow. Children who didn’t care about getting on the Internet before suddenly consider Internet access to be a dire necessity to their well-being now.  Fighting over gaining Internet access is no fun. And having to rotate Internet access between warring siblings and a grumpy spouse can get old fast. Cable Internet offers bandwidth that simply can’t be rivaled by DSL. That means more connectivity for your family, and more peace of mind for you. Ahhhhh!

6. Cable Internet supports Business Expansion:

This reason to use cable internet is similar to number five, but even more so. While family expansion generally requires intervals of months or years to achieve, business growth can often happen virtually overnight.  It’s super exciting when your kickstarter campaign suddenly takes off, or sales start to skyrocket, or you land a huge contract (yay!), but it’s not the best time to start thinking about increasing your Internet speed. Dealing with getting out of an inadequate service contract, waiting for installers to arrive, and shopping around for high-speed cable Internet service isn’t the headache you need to be having at crunch time. Even if you don’t need super-fast Internet speed right now, having that additional usage capacity will prove to be be a life-saver as your company expands.

7. Reason to use cable Internet number seven:

Superior customer support. To counteract the problem of losing customers to the competition, cable companies have been experimenting with something called event-triggered service escalation. For example, if a customer calls the support line multiple times within a week let’s say, an outbound service call will be automatically triggered. The response will be from a member of a specially-trained troubleshooting team. This team will have the authority to schedule an immediate service visit to the customer’s location if the problem can’t be rapidly resolved by phone. The shoe is on the customer’s foot, and the cable providers know it.

8. Reason to choose Cable Internet #8:

Better deals are out there. We all like to comparison shop, right? Even if you’re pretty happy with your current Internet provider, by taking the time to compare rates with alternative ISPs serving your neighborhood you might be able to save some money every month. Over the course of a year, that money can add up. Things change, and you may discover improved Internet service plans are now available for a better price. Nice.

9. Reason to use cable Internet #9:

In a word: Reliability. When it comes to ISPs, all are not created equal. From a shoddy installation job to annoying network outages to frustrating billing errors - there’s a lot that can go wrong. Cable internet providers are acutely aware of your power of choice when it comes to sticking with your current company or switching to a new one. They  spend millions making sure to be on the cutting edge of technology, in terms of providing the fastest, most reliable Internet service and using cutting-edge accounting software to keep billing accurate.

10. And the final reason to use Cable Internet:

Uptime. Phone companies have been providing service for over 150 years. That means that a lot of their wires have either eroded or at the least are getting very old. When phone wires break, it can take anywhere from several hours to - realistically - the better part of a week to lay new lines and get you up and running again. In contrast, cable companies entered the industry much more recently and their cables are newer and sturdier by comparison.

11. Bonus reason to use Cable Internet:

You won’t need to listen to a sales pitch on why you need to have a phone line going into your house.